Interview: Marcia Tucker

Five minutes with…

Welcome to our second instalment of Insider Interview, featuring Greenwich based designer Marcia Tucker. A lover of beauty and symmetry, Marcia fuses traditional English elegance with contemporary European influences to create thoughtful and original concepts for each client project.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your interior style?

I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, raised in Palo Alto, California and spent much of my adult life in New York City and Greenwich, CT. My passion for interior design led me to pursue a formal education at the KLC School of Interior Design in London where I graduated with honours. My time living and studying in London gave me an appreciation of English elegance and contemporary European design, both have strongly shaped my sense of interior style. My goal is to transform homes into authentic living spaces radiating richness and warmth, with the belief that colour, shape, texture and light reveal the organic landscapes within.

Where do you find inspiration?

One of my early inspirations was from Oscar Niemeyer, a renowned modern architect from Brazil. Today, I continue to find new inspiration from my traveling and seeing beautiful places, contemporary art and modern architecture.

We recently saw you in Paris, where is your favourite place to eat in the city of lights?

I have a few favourites, but my all-time favourite is L’Ami Louis, this tiny wood-panelled bistro will always feel like home. I love the roast chicken, Foie Gras and gigantic wine list. 32 Rue du Vertbois, 3rd | +3348877748

Let's talk trends, what are you lusting after in 2017?

Lighting, I think lighting is very important. The way I see design is through the light, either natural or architectural. Lighting and how it impacts the interior colours and textures will be an area of renewed focus for us going forward

What are your favourite colour combinations?

The 100 shades of white are my favourite pairings to colours. They can turn into pale grey’s or into soft beiges. I always start with white. My favourite is white and grey.

What is one object that can totally transform a room?

Again for me it’s lighting. I believe it is something that can totally transform a room. Lighting is this difference between a “really nice space” or “really nice piece of art” and “I love this room; the art is amazing”. It’s transformational.

What is your favourite fabric from Chase Erwin Cachemire collection?

I absolutely LOVE the Lumi and the Beau. The colours and textures are beautiful and I can’t wait to incorporate them into my designs.